Wildlife consultation, remote detection, workshops. What can A/Vian do for you?

Wildlife Assessment and Consulting

We provide advice and mitigation strategies to adhere to Provincial and Federal environmental regulatory requirements, including but not limited to Species at Risk Act, Migratory Birds Convention Act, provincial wildlife acts, best management practices, and land-use guidelines. We support our clients with on-the-ground advice as well as clear translation of regulatory requirements. We have engaged regulators and stakeholders as necessary, for projects of a variety of sizes. We are experienced in planning and executing comprehensive wildlife or species-specific inventories for industry, non-profit and academic endeavours.

Please contact us today if you need assistance with:

  • species-specific or general biodiversity surveys that adhere to applicable regulatory guidelines, standards or protocols (eg. Alberta Sensitive Species Guidelines, B.C. RISC standards, Saskatchewan Species Detection Protocols)
  • pre- and post-construction impact assessments
  • advice on municipal, provincial and federal wildlife regulations applicable to your project
  • Species-at-risk monitoring and impact mitigation planning
  • Liason with appropriate regulator bodies
  • Wildlife report writing and literature review
  • Stakeholder engagement on-the-ground and in written response
  • Remote detection and technology related services and teaching (see other categories).

Remote Detection and Audio/Visual Data Analysis:

The use of audio recording equipment and remote camera detection is highly flexible. A/Vian Eco can help with your specific and practical project needs through any or all project stages: planning, survey, analysis, regulatory, to construction. We have experience implementing these technologies on a variety of time-scales on projects as diverse as linear developments, facility sites, urban improvement projects, broad geographic inventories, private land conservation, and citizen science programs. These surveys can meet regulatory expectations, efficiently collect high quality data, improve safety of crews in remote areas or on nightime surveys, and allow more data to be collected for lower logistical cost.

Contact us today for assistance with:

  • Acoustic monitoring and analysis of vocal species (eg. birds, anurans and bats).
  • Advice on regulatory guidelines that allow or require acoustic monitoring programs (eg. Land-use Guidelines and bat mitigation for Alberta renewables, Saskatchewan Species Detection Survey Protocols, BC Best Management practices for Bats, Alberta Sensitive Species Guidelines, etc.)
  • Scientifically-rigorous remote detection project planning and design (bioacoustics and remote camera detection).
  • Expert review or quality assurance on large analysis projects.
  • Regulatory consultation regarding use of new data-collection technologies on projects of any size.
  • Equipment maintenance in and out of the field.
  • Equipment rentals and advice (see other services).

Program Building and Technical Advice

We have experience building acoustic and remote monitoring programs and survey standards for environmental consulting, non-profit, and academic groups. We can help plan hardware and software acquisition, providing you with the right options to optimize your services and surveys. We are experienced in training a students and professionals on the background science, how to use equipment and software, how to analyze the data, and how to foresee or troubleshoot common issues. We can offer specialized training to your staff or they may wish to attend one of our fall-winter seminars (see our news section for an events calendar).

Please contact us if you need assistance with:

  • Finding the correct remote detection tools to match your project or company’s needs.
  • Pricing, sourcing and purchasing equipment to match any budget.
  • Building easy to follow technical manuals to suit your teams field data collection of analysis purpose.
  • Annual maintenance and firmware flashing.
  • Programming recording or photography schedules to devices.
  • Team skill building and mentoring to start your own monitoring program.
  • Planning and designing scalable technology set-ups for your projects
  • Rentals and teaching (see other services).

Equipment Rentals

A/Vian has a small number of acoustic recording devices available for rental at varying price points.




Our inventory currently includes full field kits based around the following devices:

  • Wildlife Acoustics SM4FS-BAT (Song-Meter) devices
  • Open Acoustic Devices AudioMoth devices

For more information and rates please contact info@avianeco.com

Staff Training,Workshops and Talks

A/Vian Eco follows the spirit that has made the tech industry successful, knowledge is to be shared. Tyne has been working on bioacoustics surveys since 2009, and intends to share the knowledge she’s found through 10 years of “happy accidents”. Tyne has taught multi-day seminars through professional associations and colleges. She has also tuitored in-depth training for client-specific bioacoustic monitoring programs. Tyne has also done short talks to engage audiences at a variety of ages and technical-abilities from talks in venues as varied as local science centres to international scientific conferences.

Please see our news section to see our up-coming events calendar or contact us to book Tyne for:

  • multi-day technical workshops
  • staff training
  • professional and technical talks
  • student motivation regarding science-engagement, environmental protection and the biologist career path
  • fun for-the-public science communication