Wildlife consultation, remote detection, workshops. What can A/Vian do for you?

Remote Detection Surveys and Analysis

Looking for expert execution of remote detection and bioacoustics surveys and analysis? A/Vian Eco can provide an expert: Tyne has over 14 years of wildlife recording and analysis experience. Let her help you with equipment, survey planning and execution, acoustic and statistical analysis, and scientific, technical or broad-audience dissemination of survey results. She can help from start-to-finish or at any stage you find yourself in need of support. A/Vian Eco would love to talk to you about your unique project needs, contact us today.

Do you have eager staff or volunteers but find yourself in need of acoustics knowledge or expert support? The Bioacoustics Program Builder (below) might be the right starting point for you. A/Vian Eco can combine these services to produce your unique quote upon request.

Bioacoustic Program Builder

Are you feeling intimidated by starting a bioacoustics program for the first time? Finding yourself lost in the pitfalls? Losing months of data, device damage, slow learning curves, analysis mistakes, oh my! How on earth does one analyze several terrabytes of data?

I have a package for you! Rent a bioacoustics expert for a project. A/Vian Eco can get you going with technical manuals for field and analysis, staff training, data management advice and materials, privacy-law compliance, catered recording schedules, analysis review and feedback, and troubleshooting support. All materials and advice will be catered to your team, your equipment, and your project. Let us give you guidance on your first go, and we’ll set you up with the skills and structure to tackle projects.

A base quote for this service can be found here.

Equipment Rental

A/Vian Eco has a limited selection of autonomous recording units available for rental. These are used for our Hands-on Course offering and bioacoustic surveys we perform on behalf of our clients (See Remote Detection Surveys and Analysis). Units are also available for stand-alone rental. Rentals are perfect for pilot studies, “try before you buy”, and bolstering your own equipment inventory for larger projects. Please contact us to discuss the right fit for your project. A/Vian Eco is happy to brainstorm with you on the best equipment options for rental or purchase.

Units currently in our inventory:

See our 2024 rental rates here.

Wildlife Research and Scientific Writing

Are you looking for a partner with expertise in wildlife conservation, bioacoustics, and animal behaviour for a research project? A/Vian Eco has be a proud collaborator on research projects with eNGOs, private landowners, first nations groups, research institutes, and academics. For examples of past research projects see the Resources page. Tyne would love to talk to you about your big ecology questions. A/Vian Eco can provide:

  • Help with grant writing
  • Background research
  • Survey design and execution
  • Data management and high-quality analysis
  • Scientific writing products
  • Plain-language distillation of findings for a broad audience

Examples of previous publications can be found here: Resources

Technical Writing

Product Testing, White Papers, Technical Manuals, Science Guides

Are you looking for straight forwarded written guidance for field studies? How about an analysis plan? Having trouble deciding what bioacoustics devices to purchase or how to optimize your computer bioacoustics analysis? A/Vian provides our clients with field and analysis technical manuals for optimizing their survey success and maintaining consistency over long-term or multiple projects. The Resource and News pages have guidance for those interested in product testing or white papers. Contact us if you need:

  • Field manuals for bioacoustic surveys.
  • Analysis manuals for wildlife studies.
  • Scientific technical writing products.
  • Product testing and advice.

Our news feed and resource page is where we have and will share product tests and technical papers. Follow us on socials (Instagram, Twitter) for our upcoming science guides.

Speaking Engagements

Tyne is an enthusiastic speaker and science communicator who has performed a number of talks for the eco-curious of all ages. She has delivered talks and workshops to elementary, high school, and post-secondary students. She has been hosted at venues as diverse as local wetlands, science centres, professional association meetings, and international conferences. She’s no stranger to a podium or a video-conference. To engage Tyne for your event contact us.

Public-facing Science

A/Vian Eco has experience delivering public-facing written and verbal outreach, community or citizen science projects, media releases, infographics, and engaging edu-tainment. Do you need someone who can engage an early-morning class full of sleepy teens? How about someone who’s comfortable discussing the value of ecology in a crop field or on a worksite? Does your project need a plain-language translation? Engaging visuals? Earworms? Tyne has passion and experience sharing science and inspiring enthusiasm for nature even with the toughest audiences.

Check out our socials (Twitter, Instagram) for more fun with bioacoustics and remote detection like #howloweek, #duckofthemonth, or the upcoming #signaltonews.

Hands-on Bioacoustic Workshop

Would you like to get a hands-on primer with acoustic equipment? How about some training and direct feedback on acoustic analysis. This course offers a short hands-on experience where students deploy devices, retrieve and vet data, and attempt analysis with feedback. We will use several common device types (e.g. Wildlife Acoustics, Open Acoustic Devices) to collect data. Then we’ll get acquainted with acoustic programs of several price-points and capabilities (e.g. Audacity, Kailedescope, Raven). This is a great micro-credential for resuming building and an opportunity to “try before you buy” equipment and software. This fast paced 2-day workshop is complementary to the longer self-led Online Course offering coming in 2025.

Individuals that are interested should watch our events calendar or social media for announcements about the next available offering. If you simply cannot wait, encourage your local professional association to connect with us about hosting. See a base quote for this service package here.

Self-Led Online Course- Coming 2025!

Alternatively, keep your eyes on A/Vian’s Social media (Twitter, Instragram) or our news and events page. A/Vian will be introducing our self-lead online Introduction to Bioacoustics Course. We are a bit behind with the production of this course but hope to complete it for 2025. If you’re interested in Beta-testing when available please contact us and we will add you to our early-adopter, gold-star list.

For project-specific staff training see “Program Building and Advice” under the “Bioacoustics and Remote Detection” tab.


Environmental Assessment and Consulting

Does you need assistance navigating the environmental regulatory landscape? A/Vian Eco provides environmental assessments, regulatory advice and mitigation strategies to adhere to Provincial and Federal environmental regulatory requirements, including but not limited to:

  • Species at Risk Act
  • Migratory Birds Convention Act
  • provincial wildlife acts
  • best management practices
  • develop with care
  • land-use guideline


We support our clients with risk assessment, monitoring, mitigation, and permitting through clear translation of regulatory requirements. We are experienced in planning and executing comprehensive wildlife or species-specific inventories for a variety of industries including but not limited to oil and gas, wind, solar, power transmission and distribution, municipal projects, and facilities construction.

Please contact us today if you need assistance with:

  • Wildlife technical writing and literature review
  • Pre- and post-construction impact assessments
  • Species-at-risk monitoring and impact mitigation planning
  • Species Conservation Plans
  • Environmental Protection Planning
  • Advice on municipal, provincial and federal wildlife regulations applicable to your project
  • Wildlife Permits
  • Liaison with appropriate regulator bodies
  • Stakeholder engagement on-the-ground and in written response
  • Species-specific or general biodiversity surveys that adhere to applicable regulatory guidelines, standards or protocols (eg. Alberta Sensitive Species Guidelines, B.C. RISC standards, Saskatchewan Species Detection Protocols)

Working on a proposal? Contact info@avianeco.com today for our rate sheet and availability.