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Journal Publications

  • A Framework to Identify Priority Wetland Habitats and Movement Corridors for Urban Amphibian Conservation (2022).
  • Advancing Amphibian Conservation through Citizen Science in Urban Municipalities (2021).
  • Effects of Ambient Noise on Detectability and Localization of Avian Songs and Tones by Observers in Grasslands (2015).
  • Pre‑breeding Energetic Management in a Mixed‑strategy Breeder (2014).
  • Vocal Signals Predict Attack During Aggressive Interactions in Black-capped Chickadees (2012).


Conference Presentations

  • How Far Can we Hear with Bioacoustics? (2018). ASPB


  • Do you only get what you pay for? Comparing low-cost recording units to the field standard (2020). ACTWS 


Technical Communications

  • Running the Tech Treadmill on a Budget: Testing Relative Performance and Providing Considerations for Using Low-cost or Old Autonomous Recording Units

Open Source Data

  • Field-based Testing of Sound Reception By Autonomous Recording Units- AudioMoth, SongMeter4, and SoundCache (2018).


Our Github

  • Find us at github under AVianEco for repositories with open-source R-scripts and other tools.


Resources updated periodically. Last Update 31JAN2023


Audio and Spectrogram References

Multi-Taxa Amphibians
Macaulay Library BC Frogs and Toads
Acoustic Atlas California Herps
Xeno Canto Call of the Wetland
  Naturewatch- Frogwatch
Birds AVAMP- Amphibian ID
All About Birds Insects
  Singing Insects of North America
Bats Orthoptera Species File Online
Wyoming ANABAT Call Key  
Montana Bat Call ID Training Fish


Bioacoustics Tools

Equipment Software
Avisoft Audacity
Cornell SwiftOne Anabat Insight
Open Acoustic Devices BirdNET
Peersonic Kaleidoscope
Titley Scientific Raven
Wildlife Acoustics SASLab Pro
Online Processing Platforms WarbleR


Large Dataset Tools

Download R  
R Studio  
CodeAcademy’s Free R Course  

See “Fun” for Citizen/Community Science Resources.  More tools can be found on our github under “Publications”.

Resources updated periodically. Last Update 31JAN2023

Citizen Science Platforms

Broad Reach Alberta Local
iNaturalist Alberta Amphibian Monitoring Program
eBird Alberta Community Bat Program
Zooniverse Alberta Community of Practice
  ALMS Lakewatch
Government Portals Calgary Captured
Government of Canada Portal  
Government of Alberta Advancing CitSci  


Free Colouring Pages

Duck of the Month Club  


Resources updated periodically. Last update 31JAN2023.