As is the case every year, we reviewed our rates for 2024. As is exemplified by the major increase to the CRA suggested per diem rate, inflation is making operating costs challenging. For 2024 we’ve made service rate increases to our speaking, bioacoustic consulting, and per diem rates. Though we are operating in an inflationary environment, we‘re doing our best to stay affordable:
  • For my environmental consulting clients, we’re keeping our 2024 fieldwork and environmental assessments at the same very affordable rate.
  • For my eNGO, academic, and charitable partners, we’ve increased our grant-funded discount rate (now 20%) to keep our services affordable for your grant-funded projects.
We’ve updated all the service package quotes and our equipment rental rates on our services page to reflect 2024’s rates.
Banner photo by Micheile Henderson (Unsplash).