Are you ready to take your bioacoustics program to the next level? A/Vian Eco is excited to announce two new service packages for 2023: the Bioacoustic Program Builder and the Hands-on Bioacoustic Workshop.

Bioacoustic Program Builder Package

First, our Bioacoustic Program Builder package is perfect for those feeling intimidated by starting a bioacoustics program for the first time. Tyne has years of experience in bioacoustics, learning pitfalls and developing strategies for sucess. She will provide you with everything you need to get started, including technical manuals for field and analysis, staff training, data management advice and materials, privacy-law compliance, catered recording schedules, analysis review and feedback, and troubleshooting support. All materials and advice will be tailored to your team, your equipment, and your project. With our guidance, you will have the skills and structure to tackle future projects with ease. For 2023 we are offering a “Beginner’s Luck” deal with $175 discount on this package!


Hands-on Bioacoustic Workshop Package

Our Hands-on Bioacoustic Workshop offers a unique opportunity for a hands-on primer with acoustic equipment and training on acoustic analysis. Students will deploy devices, retrieve data, and attempt analysis with expert vetting and feedback. We will demonstrate the use several common device types and software packages of various price-points and capabilities, making it a great micro-credential for resume building and a chance to “try before you buy”. This fast-paced 2-day workshop is complementary to our longer self-led Online Course offering coming in 2023-2024.

Keep an eye on our events calendar or social media (instagram, twitter, facebook) for announcements about upcoming course offerings, or encourage your local professional association to connect with us about hosting.

You can find more information and a base quote for these packages on our services page. Additionally, we would like to remind our valued customers that A/Vian Eco will continue to offer 15% discounts for charitable or grant-funded work in 2023. Reach for a new skill for your professional toolkit with A/Vian Eco.


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