A/Vian Eco works with a variety of clientele from industry to NGO, students to landowners. We know 2020 was a slog for most and presented many financial challenges. We were extremely fortunate to have weathered this storm with strong professional networks and kind colleagues, who brought us interesting work and really stuck with us.

To pay this kindness forward, A/Vian Eco has improved our discounts on services and rentals for charitable organizations. We know budgets will be tighter for our charity conservation partners and we want to provide rates to accommodate.

If you or any of your network of conservation champs have need of services A/Vian Eco can provide, you can be assured we will always work hard to provide affordable and tight-budget options. The 15% 2021 discount is a part of our broader affordability strategy. We are striving to serve all sectors so the mission statement of “better data collection for conservation decisions” can be for everyone.

All improved discounts will apply to any work completed in 2021 and any agreements confirmed in 2021. Contact info@avianeco.com for rate sheets and further information.