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A/Vian Ecological Consulting specializes in terrestrial wildlife biology and bioacoustics. We help clients from many sectors navigate questions of biodiversity, environmental regulation, impact mitigation, and conservation. Our expertise allows us to cater to a variety of unique and practical needs for projects at any scale.

We use remote detection technologies to improve efficiency and quality of data collection. For fellow biologists, we offer courses and technical advice on incorporating technology into terrestrial survey to increase field data collection capabilities.



Tyne Baker, M.Sc. P.Biol, R.P.Bio
Tyne Baker, M.Sc. P.Biol, R.P.BioOwner, Wildlife Biologist, Bioacoustician
Tyne has over a decade of experience in acoustic monitoring projects and wildlife consulting. She earned her Masters in Behavioural Ecology from the University of Windsor and is a professional biologist registered in BC and Alberta. Through practice, teaching, and outreach, she champions the use of bioacoustics for practical and research applications. She has developed technologically-enhanced biodiversity monitoring programs for industrial, academic, First Nations-led, and non-profit projects in North America and abroad.

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